MEP Division

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MEP Division

We live by the motto of “safety first” so we ensure installing precautionary measures that will mitigate the accidents that may occur. A well-maintained system consisting of sprinklers, fire hose reels, landing valves, pump sets, piping with valves and accessories. Making a well-built system to save lives is our utmost priority and keeping the clients comfortable and protected is our mission.

  • Mechanical and Fire Fighting System
  • Electrical system
  • Air Condition System
  • Plumbing System
  • Ventilators & Air Filtration Systems

Electrical System

Polycon provides safe installation of transformers, transmission lines and termination, lighting and small power systems, lower current systems. Lighting and small power systems that includes channeling and wiring, cabling and termination, main distribution frames (MDF), power factor correction capacitor banks including generator and ATS panel. Low current systems that includes a range of services like channeling and wiring for CCTV, access control, gate barrier, structured cabling, lighting control, intercom, SMATV/MATV, PABGM, etc. Providing our clients the best of the bus-bar riser systems, cable tray, ladder and trucking. Supply and installation of fire alarm, central emergency systems and UPS. Lighting protection and earthing systems.

Air Condition System

Polycon provides the top of the range facilities of air conditioning works for projects such as residential properties, high rise buildings, villas, factories and warehouses. Installation, maintenance, design and supply of Chiller, Roof Top Package, VRF, Split A/C making use of world’s renowned brands. We deal with meeting the requirements of the customers with dedication and quality management. Our team of highly trained employees including engineers to technicians works a range of holistic projects from design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of air conditioning systems.

Fire sprinkler control system in basement of large buildings

Plumbing System

Polycon has put together a body of technicians and plumbers who are skilled and highly trained in handing out solutions and help in the reduction of the problems that may arise in this area. Maintaining and upholding the standard of sanitation is a necessity and we as a company provide services as per the company’s high standards. We give out the best range of customized services offering the client comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

Ventilators & Air Filtration Systems

An efficient and well-maintained ventilation and air filtration system is the most important service that we as a company provide according to the clientele. Providing an array of services from installation processes ranging from fitting devices and accessories to air-conditions, ventilators, air-purifiers, to reconditioning and maintaining the old units, cleaning air ducts, fixing fans, fabric filters, sound dampers. A fully functional air sterilizers in sectors like foodstuff cold stores, kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, animal breeding and husbandry rooms, electronic plants, any facility that requires highly purified air or air with specific gas concentration.